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“Qanun Publishing”, founded on January 18, 1992, has declared itself as an independent publishing house since 1996. In the early years, the publishing house mainly published legal and translated literature. For ten years now, priority has been given to the publication of fiction and translated literature. “Qanun Publishing” is expanding its activities every year by publishing books related to philosophy, history, children’s literature, religious literature, cuisine and health. The “first book” and “latest literature” series started by the “Qanun Publishing” for young people are very popular in the society. Nobel laureates Gabriel García Márquez, Orkhan Pamuk, Herta Muller, J.M.G. In addition to Le Clezio, the works of world-read authors such as Berhard Schlink, Paulo Coelho, and Dan Brown have been translated into Azerbaijani from Turkish, Russian, English, German, and French. Law Publishing House – Classics series publishes examples of world classics, and “World Children’s Literature” series publishes works designed to develop the artistic thinking of teenagers. Most of the books in the Azerbaijan book market belong to “Qanun Publishing”.